Madi, Casey and Connor are siblings and the founders of Mack and Benj. Madi has always been passionate about clothing that speaks life, and when Connor came to her with the idea to start this business she was all in. When Casey heard about their vision to further the gospel through apparel, he immediately jumped in. Casey is the engineer, Connor is the finance guy (with a touch of fashion), while Madi is the creative. The Lord has wired them in very different ways, but has given each a huge heart for the gospel, creating a wonderful partnership.

+ Mack and Benj exists to bring glory to God and live on mission in everything they do.
+ Our mission is to provide high-quality clothing for men and women that speaks life, starts gospel-centered                            conversations, and reminds you of the gospel message while you’re wearing it.
+ We believe that, because of Jesus' life, death, and resurrection; if we put our faith in Him, we are brought from death      to life. We are reconciled with God, and receive eternal life. Because of this, we devote our lives to Him.

How it works:
Each month a new collection of 2 designs (on multiple garments) will be for sale for a 4-day period. Items are made to order, so you won't receive them for 3-4 weeks. PS - With each collection there are no guarantees those items will be sold again! Watch the IGTV on our instagram (@mackandbenj) for more information on this.

Hi friends!

My name is Madi! I am a believer, a wife and a mama. I am the "Mack" part of Mack & Benj. I am a raging extrovert and self-proclaimed type Z. (aka the furthest thing from type A.) I am fiercely passionate about people, and even more passionate about them learning about the good news of Jesus Christ that changed my life! Since I can remember, I've been obsessed with shirts with words on them and the power they can hold. This journey of Mack and Benj has already been the sweetest gift from the Lord, compiling together so many things I love. I am so honored and thankful you found your way to Mack and Benj. Thanks for being here and joining us in this mission to point people to Christ! All the glory goes to the King. Psalm 115.

-Madelin Mackenzie Schultz

Hey Everybody!

Benj here. I am a husband, father of three, and devoted follower of Jesus Christ. If you're interacting with us on one of our social media channels, you're likely talking to Madi. You'll find me behind the scenes making sure everything runs without hitch - a less glamorous job but one that I'm excited about doing. The gospel is life-changing, but I will be the first to admit that sharing it boldly isn't always easy. That is why I am so excited about the opportunity to use something as simple as a t-shirt to challenge us to be bold in our faith and regularly start gospel conversations with those around us. Thanks for visiting Mack & Benj. I'm excited that God led you here today.

-Casey Benj Robson

Hey everyone!

My name is Connor and I am the other Benj. Yes, my dad gave my brother and I the same middle name and I love that I get to share it with him. I am a Christ follower, a brother, and the favorite uncle. Look up type 5 on the enneagram and you’ll know everything you need to know about me. I passed my CPA exams in the beginning of 2020 and work as an auditor in West Des Moines. Probably sounds boring to most but God has allowed me to use those skills to contribute to this journey with my siblings. Similar to Casey, you will most likely find me behind the scenes taking care of the financial side of the business. What excites me most about being a part of Mack and Benj is being able to bless God’s people through other nonprofits that are living out the gospel. We would not be able to do that if you were not here supporting us, so thank you so much for being a part of the Mack and Benj family.

-Connor Benj Robson