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Casey and Madi are a brother/sister duo and co-founders of Mack & Benj. Madi has always been passionate about clothing that speaks life, and when Casey heard about her vision to advance the gospel through apparel, he immediately jumped in. Casey is the engineer, while Madi is the creative. The Lord has wired them in completely different ways, but has given each a huge heart for the gospel, which has resulted in a beautiful partnership.

  • At Mack and Benj, we long to bring glory to God and live on mission in everything we do.
  • Our company exists to provide quality apparel that reminds you of the gospel message while you're wearing it, starts gospel-centered conversations, & speaks life to those around you.
  • We believe that because of Jesus' life, death, and resurrection, those who put their faith in Him get to live with an eternal hope
How it works:

Every few months, a new collection of apparel will be released, at which time items will be available for purchase for 5 days. Each item is made to order and shipped to the customer within 3-4 weeks. The items in each collection will vary, and there is no guarantee that an item will be sold again in the future. Watch the IGTV on our instagram (@mackandbenj) for more information on this.